Who is this Book for?

This is a must read for those on the spiritual path. It offers inspiration, reassurance and a place to land into your own experience as you journey to new lands within yourself.


This book is like an unexpected visitor, showing up at your door with news to uplift your heart and mind. It will affirm your soul’s promptings to follow your heart, and help you find your way home to the place you truly belong.

About the Book

Return to Pangaea is a story that inspires the reader to recognize the mythic nature of their unique life journey, and spiritual interconnections with all of life. While it may be told from the circumstances and experiences of the author’s life in particular, it offers a universal message with a far-reaching message. It is the hero’s journey of the divine feminine; as the lost feminine sets out on an adventure from a disconnected place and arrives back to a place of spectacular natural beauty and ancient wisdom that only open eyes could see, and a mind and heart made wiser could understand.


Alison’s journey back to her roots will confirm your own mystical experiences. It will prepare your eyes, your mind and your heart to receive all of life’s wisdoms as the doors to the wisdom and sacredness of the natural world are thrown wide open.


A human potential visionary, active and sought after shamanic teacher, writer and ceremonialist, Alison worked in academic, community and clinical settings as a human development specialist before deepening her focus to holistic healing. Founder of the Institute of Ancestral Wisdom, she is dedicated to restoring our sacred relationship with nature. For more than 10 years, her presentations, training, retreats, sacred journeys, newsletters and Sacred Musings Blog have inspired and guided people to awaken to their soul’s journey, to find lasting peace, renewed meaning and purpose for their lives.



A New Beginning

I wrote in my journal shortly after starting university at age twenty-eight, giddy with the excitement of a new learning adventure, “Let my life be a never-ending search for truth.” And so, I embarked on a journey down roads I could not even have imagined. Like most spiritual journeys, it was a winding path marked by achievement and loss, mystical experience, and spiritual awakening. Similar to the tip of an iceberg, visions, dreams, and synchronicities were evidence of another reality beyond the visible surface of my everyday life. These led me back to a homeland I never knew, a place of spectacular natural beauty and ancient wisdom that only open eyes could see, and a mind and heart made wiser could understand.

Along the way I shed many aspects of my old self and discovered a more meaningful, connected way of being in the world. A growing awareness of the consciousness of everything transformed me. When I paid attention, the world was full of beauty and mystery, and wonder awaited around every corner. In the light of this truth I became more aligned with my spiritual nature and instinctual knowing, the truest kind of homecoming—a journey of discovery that never ends.

"Instructions for Living a Life:
Pay Attention.
Be Astonished.
Tell About It."

Mary Oliver



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"Return to Pangaea is the warm cup of tea in your belly and the snuggly blanket of warmth on a cold winter's day. This book exudes beauty and strength, vulnerability and softness as Alison takes you on a journey..."

"Return to Pangaea is a call to our deeper knowing. This is a book to awaken the voice of heart and soul within us all - and shows us that if we keep following that knowingness, there is a deeper, ancient, timeless, interconnected world available to us."